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"When you allow your heart to guide you, faith, love, bauty, abundance, peace, harmony, authenticity, healing and creativity are natural consequences, enriching your life."                              Puria

  Spirit Of The Heart


„Spirit of the heart“ is a journey in the sacred space of our heart. By using shamanic rituals, guided journeys in our interior world, energetic cleansing and a pure orientation towards our sacred space in the heart, we create conditions which are highly supportive to reach this holiest of sacred spaces. Among other things we also become initiated in the „energetic codes“ of unconditional love and harmony, which enables us to embody this qualities whenever we wish. We draw upon the wisdom of indigenous cultures and the former secret knowledge from ancient mystery schools. Due to the urgency to ascend into higher dimensions of consciousness they now share their powerful tools with all of humanity which was in previous times only accessible for adepts. Once we know this way, we sense that it is possible to create the kind of life our hearts are longing for.

This seminar happens on request and takes 3 1/2 days.

Further information as pdf-document


Individual Session - Living and co- creating from the heart

There are many ways to enter your heart, I'll show you a simple, direct and easy one. When you did it once, you can go there again and again and rest in the innocence and nurture from your heart as long as you wish. Sometimes we have blockades which origin in the need to protect our heart and they then often obstruct our access to it. I will introduce you into a gentle and tender method to melt those walls of protection. Through your own concrete wish of realization I will also guide you into the process of how you attract what your authentic heart is longing for.


Duration of the session 2 - 3 hours face to face or via skype
Costs 240 - 300 € 


"The session with you did so much good to me. Actually since then I sense a completely new feeling in me. The "joyful notion" of my new life I sense already for some time, but furthermore the whole situation now evolved into an entirely "naturalness" and "belief". It feels very easy, liberating and right now I enjoy every movement of it."                                                                               M. W. from Germany