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„The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind a faithful servant. We have created a society which honors the servant and has forgotten the present.“                                                                    - Albert Einstein


„Geometry is the original language of creation.“
                                      - Platon


  „This universe is not outside of you. Look inside of yourself; everything that you want, you already are.                     - Rumi

Energy Language - living and creating from oneness

Unfolding potential

The natural potential of the mental plane goes unused in most of us today, or is developed almost exclusively on a purely rational and analytical level. This frequently leaves our intuitive thinking underdeveloped. Even though many of us know or sense, that thought can influence matter, we somehow lack the ability to consciously implement this fact. We continue to experience ourselves at the mercy of life and not as co-creators. Beliefs, behavior patterns and unprocessed experiences from the past, create limitations that result in perceptual lenses which determine how reality is experienced. This lenses make it difficult to access our heart where connectedness, abundance, creativity and love naturally flows.


The origin of those teachings

Centuries ago, an ancient shamanic lineage from the Mayans in Mexico investigated the interconnectedness between thought and matter, generating a means to unlock and access the natural power of thought. The Curanderos are alchemists. They have comprehensive knowledge concerning the structure of the subtle realms and the all encompassing web of life.

The wisdom about the sacred space in the heart, which is also shared in this seminars, roots mainly in ancient mystery schools and in the indigenous Kogi tradition from Columbia. Their Mamas (healer) spent 9 years in caves without light in order to develop a deep understanding about the inner and the invisble realms. On their request Drunvalo Melchizedek started to share this wisdom and developed a way which works for us westerners.


Combining those teachings

The  teachings about the shapes and colors are taught as Light Language or some teacher share them in a more original manner as Indigo Teachings. The progress of the work and the new name emerged when the sacred space in the heart became the basis for applying the knowledge of Light Language or Indigo.


When spirit is home in the heart

In the majority of the population since thousands of years our spirit, our sense of „me“, is located in the mind. Due to  that we live in an underlying feeling of separation, scarcity and polarity. As a result of the urgency to evolve our consciousness, indigenous traditions and mystery schools offer now their secrets, which formerly where hidden and reserved for adepts only. They show and teach us ways to move into the sacred space of the heart where we are one with creation.

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